As Sedona architects we have specialized in residential design in Sedona, Arizona, with additional projects in Prescott, Flagstaff and the Verde Valley, as well as, in southern Utah and Colorado. We love both contemporary architecture and indigenous, southwestern, traditional design. We understand how to integrate diverse styles within the unique landscapes and town contexts of our region.

We also have a good understanding of green building and sustainable design. We care about creating environmentally friendly, small and finely crafted homes. We design healthy, natural and inspiring spaces that help our clients live well and enjoy a lifestyle connected to place.

Interior design is an integral part of our residential design process. Our architectural service includes guidance in selecting fixtures, finishes and equipment that will be built into your home. We are also skilled at full service interior design including the design and fabrication of custom furniture, rugs, art and accessories.

Our design work strives to preserve native vegetation and minimize run-off with permeable landscape.